AVG Internet Security 2013 Beta Testimonials

United Kingdom

“AVG 2013 builds on the powerful protection of AVG 2012; however, it is now more simple to use, it is more lean when it comes to memory usage, and it includes many more technologies to protect users against the future of cybercrime and the adaptation of malware”

- Matthew Simm, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom



“I like how you have changed the firewall settings – simpler and cleaner than AVG2012. Making the "gaming mode" a normal mode is also a good idea. I don't think anyone likes being bugged by the antivirus software when they just want to enjoy using their computer or are working. Finally, the navigations to the settings are a lot more simple compared to AVG 2012.”

- Steve Siu, Sydney, Australia



“AVG 2013 is really an awesome improvement from v2012! Newly designed interface makes navigation easier. It also has great improvements in firewall and anti-spam components. It’s fully packed with exiting components yet remains a leader in threat detection. With AVG 2013 one can connect, download, bank, play, chat with absolute confidence!”

- Varun Parvatikar, Karnataka, India