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Executive Summary: Online Backup Research Undertaken by Atomik Research

Sample Base: 500 UK & 500 North American small businesses survey release date: 13 November 2013

Executive Summary

AVG commissioned a study of attitudes among owner-managers of small businesses towards data backup and protection of sensitive data. The following results are based on interviews with 500 UK & 500 North American small businesses carried out by Atomik Research during October 2013.

·         A significant proportion of SMBs routinely spend more time tidying their desk (37%) or ordering new business cards (22% UK, 21% US) than backing up data.  It was not even the most routine computer-related task. 43% of UK, 53% of US small businesses said they spend more time changing passwords than backing up.

·         The majority of small businesses (59% UK, 54% US) have no enforced back up policy. In a high number of cases (68% UK, 75% US) backup is automated by IT systems. Importantly, however, 26% (UK) and 24% (US) of businesses still leave longer than a week between backups or at least do not insist that employees backup more regularly.

·         When it comes to mobile device data around a third of SMBs (32% UK, 34% US) have 0-10% of their workforce out of office at least once a week. At the other end of the scale the rise of mobile device business use is highlighted by those small businesses (11% UK and 17% US) who say 80-100% of their workforce is out more than one day a week.

·         Security (50% of SMB owners in the UK and 64% in the US) remains biggest concern when it comes to cloud backup. Other top concerns of both UK and US SMB owners include cost, data recovery and lack of control.

·         Almost 1-in-5 (19%) UK businesses (1-in-3 or 30% in the US) say that more than half of their data is business sensitive. About 1-in-3 small businesses in the UK (33%) and 1-in-5 (17% ) in the US – think the overall amount of sensitive data held on their systems is more in the region of 10-25%. The proportion who believes employees mobile devices hold 80-100% sensitive data was relatively low at 8%, while US owners put it at around 13%.

·         Mobile device data loss has not yet happened to most small businesses – but it’s close (51% UK, 53% US).

·         Most SMBs (62% UK, 66% US) are confident that they can prevent data loss when an employee leaves.

·         Data loss impacts productivity first (37% UK, 50% US), then revenue (32% UK, 37% US) then customer confidence (31% UK, 39% US).

·         When a device is lost or stolen the priority for 39% of UK businesses and 41% US is to ensure data cannot be viewed by unauthorised third parties.